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We aim to offer you the service that you deserve. One-of-a-kind stand-up paddle surf boards for one-of-a-kind people.

This is our philosophy and that is what you feel owning an Anomy board.

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Give you a best guarantee

You deserve all the confidence and tranquillity from the beginning. That’s why we offer you 1 year guarantee in all our products. And get 1 extra year of guarantee after registering your unique board through our website. We want to know you better to offer what’s best for you!

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Want you to make safe purchase

You can really trust in our payment methods. We use a 100% secure payment gateway .

A premiuym service is included in all sup boards.

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1+1 Guarantee

Registering your unique board through our website and get 1 year extra.
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Because you make Anomy better

You know what you want and you go for it. No one like you, Anomy’s board rider, to help us make better paddle boards.

Anomy is in constant search of new designs, trends and technologies to make our paddle boards evolve as much as you do, to be by your side exploring all those amazing adventures you come across.

That’s why we want to stay by your side, to listen to you and give you our hand anytime you need it.

Any doubts or suggestions? Came to your mind a great artist’s work you would love to see in Anomy’s paddle boards? Please, let us know, we will love to hear from you!

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