The way of


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First, close your eyes. Close them tight. Wait for the sparkles… Now! Now imagine a landscape. One you’ve never been to. Invent its flowers, its leaves, its colours. Create it your way. Done? Open your eyes. Grab your row. Go find it.


Selected inflatable board, Backpack, Air pump, fin, paddle “the easy way”, Leash & Repair kit.

Board size: 12'6"x 31"x6"

rider-weight: 150kgs/330lbs

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Know the artist

Lara Costafreda

Lara Costafreda works as a freelance illustrator from her beautiful studio in Barcelona. She developes creative projects and illustrations for many brands, agencies and publications from all around the world. Her universe is dreamy and wild – it talks about freedom, nature and women.

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