The touring boards are ideal for longest distances. Your speed will be higher than an all round board. These boards are fast and efficient. They take you further, rowing less. 

A higher level is required to use this model. They are suitable for those who have already practiced SUP before. This board is longer and narrower than a traditional paddle board making it more unstable. It combines speed with comfort with a rounded tail and sharper nose that breaks waves easily. 

The touring 11’6’’ boards are lightweight and robust for long runs or races. They are ideal for schools and clubs with apprentices already initiated. They are for comfort and speed lovers. 

The 12’6’’ touring boards combine the touring and race designs with comfort and stability. Ideal for heavier riders.



Touring paddle surfboard: For crossings and routes

The touring stand up paddle boards are ideal for long crossings as they are similar with rigid paddle boards. 

The touring paddle surf boards makes you enjoy long trips as you don’t need to paddle much more to advance. So, you will wear less and fatigue less. 

In addition, it is very easy to store and carry due to the complete kit including the backpack


Main characteristic of the touring paddle surfboard

This kind of stand up paddle board is a good friend to discover places while long crossings in calm waters, the sea, rivers and lakes. It is a versatile, stable and speed board. 

A main characteristic of this touring stand up paddle board is its pointed nose that brakes the waves and makes us fasters. The paddle is soft and takes you further, rowing less. So you will be speedier than an all round board

The touring paddle surf boards have enough space and are suitable for riders who have already practiced paddle surfing, as its lengths are less maneuverable. 

Let yourself be carried away by this kind of board. Enjoy the sea from the comfort of this board in unforgettable routes.

Optional accessories recommended for your touring paddle surf trips

In addition to the leash, we recommend you to wear a neoprene vest to have a safe journey and to protect you from the wind while paddling. You will be more aerodynamic and visible for boats in the area. 

Depending on your adventure and on climate conditions you may need to use an elastic neoprene to have total freedom of movement when maneuvering.

Some advices for practicing paddle surfing safety

As we mentioned before, the touring stand-up paddle board is ideal for long distances, so your adventures will keep you much more time. We would like to share some advice for your security and for enjoying your day.

    • If you go paddle alone, make routes close to the coast and places where other riders go. It’s usually an accompanied sport. The more, the merrier!
    • Use the leash and the vest
    • Check the climate conditions before going
    • Take your phone loaded in a waterproof cover
    • Avoid poor visibility hours
    • Avoid going to places where there are lots of motor boards
    • Drink water and protect yourself from the sun
    • Wear an UV protection shirt to protect yourself from the sun





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