If you are looking for versatility, the all round inflatable stand-up paddle boards are yours. They are the most popular on the market for being an off-road board ideal for beginners and for all kinds of waters. Lakes, whitewater, for practicing yoga and short distance crossings. 

As they have rounded margins, they have better stability. They are the best ones for all kinds of situations and riders. 

If you are looking for versatility and performance, the All round 9’8’’ inflatable stand-up paddle boards are perfect. They usually use it for smaller riders. Also, they can be used for bigger riders for surfing. 

As well, the All round 10’6’’ inflatable stand-up paddle boards are the most popular on the market. They are ideal for all kinds of riders and abilities, and they allow for a variety of outdoor activities. Their versatility and stiffness makes them adapt to all types of water, ensuring a good stability.

Finally, the All round 10’8’’ inflatable stand up paddle boards provide exceptional stability as they are bigger. It’s ideal if you take more than one passenger on board and for practicing yoga, pilates and fitness.


The all round stand up paddle boards are a kind of board with great stability as they have rounded ends. It is an off-road board that stands out for its autonomy when practicing any kind of activity as it is the widest one. Also, it is the right board for beginning paddle surfing for its stability. As well, it is ideal for experienced riders to practice different styles of paddle surf.

Which kind of activities can you practice with all round stand up paddle boards?

You can practice different kinds of activities with an all round stand up paddle board as it is the widest one so you will have more space and better balance. 

In the all round inflatable sup boards you can practice yoga, paddling in calm waters such as a lake or in whitewater such as rivers. You can also enjoy riding with your pet to feel the peace and the sport.


All round, the off-road board

This kind of inflatable paddle surfboard is much appreciated for its versatility and stability. You can change the discipline in an easy way so it is helpful for choosing which you like most. 

It is ideal for new and experienced riders because of its versatility. 

You can make technical positions without problem with this board as the all round will make you feel confident with yourself every time you practice. 

The All round paddle surf boards are designed for paddlers who like to start with the SUP’s world.


Advantages of the all round inflatable paddle surf boards

Versatility: A great advantage that we were explaining to you. It is a board for all kinds of water which makes it a very complete sup board easy to handle.

Stability: All round surf boards are ideal for beginners as they are the most steady. 

Handling: As they have more stability and are designed for all kinds of water, you will have enough maneuverability. 

Usability: The all round are easy to use so the beginners will learn faster and get experienced in all kinds of water. They are ideal for different levels from beginners to the most experienced ones. 

Easy for carrying: The all round paddle surf boards are lighter and easier for carrying than other models. A great advantage for picking up on weekends or practicing paddle surfing. 

Greater buoyancy: The all round boards are easier to use on different water conditions for their shape and size. 

Unique design of limited editions: Our boards collections have disruptive designs. Unique designs made by world-renowned illustrators that make you feel cooler on the water enjoying your sport and being one-of-a-kind. You can see our brand identity in each piece, that’s why Anomy is known as a reference in unique designs of paddle surf boards.

Great durability: Our boards are made with the highest standards of quality, so you can enjoy your board for a long time. We use great quality materials and quality eco-friendly fibers to achieve the most resistance for our products. 

Enjoy the exciting experience of paddle surfing and being an Anomy rider. 

Main characteristics of all round inflatable stand up paddle boards

Size and shape: rounded shape and wider shape.

Thickness and volume: They are boards that usually have greater thickness and volume than other ones, that’s why they have greater stability and buoyancy. 

Materials: Made by resistance and durability materials that gives them better resistance to impacts and wear and tear.

Removable fin: The fin is an essential accessory of any kind of paddle board, as it gives greater stability and control during SUP practice. The removable fin that comes with your all round paddle board kit is easy to use. As a great advantage, the fin can be placed and removed very easily. You can adjust it to adapt to water conditions. As well, you are able to update it as it isn’t fixed in the board.


How to choose an all round stand up paddle board?

If you are thinking of an all round board you should think about the following. 

Hability: This is an important fact for choosing this board. It is an ideal sup board for beginners and experienced riders if you are looking for versatility. 

Weight and height: Identify your weight and height so you can find the best size for you. 

Water conditions: Think about when you will use the board. Will you use it in calm water, surfing, paddling, yoga?

All round stand up paddle boards maintenance

We always advise that boards should have good maintenance, as it’s very important for keeping the optimal conditions and enjoying them for a long time. 

Some advices to make the right maintenance:

  • Rinse your board after each use, so you can remove the salt and the sand. 
  • Save your board inside the backpack of your kit and keep it cool and dry, preventing direct sunlight. When you need to carry your board, protect it from bumps and scratches. The wheels can be helpful. 
  • Inspect your board regularly, before and after each use, looking for cracks or any damages. 

If you found some damage, repair it with the repair kit of your all round board kit.


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