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artist Yoann

Yoann Fournier is a French pop-art and street-art artist born in 1985. Initially a designer and photographer, he obtained his master’s degree in visual communication from L’ECV in Aix en Provence. At the end of his end-of-studies internship, he was hired as a graphic designer and marketing assistant within the Surf & Skate Globe Europe company in Hossegor.

Passionate about board sports and images from an early age, he decided to stay and work in this environment which over the years offered him different career prospects as a photographer, graphic designer, designer or visual identity creator. All these professional experiences allow him to develop his skills as well as his artistic fiber. He then became known as a creator of works of art based on cutouts of elements that he repositioned with humorous and visual collages strongly inspired by pop-art.

“Collages are a super complete form of expression, by the choice of photos, the harmony of colors, the atmosphere or the vanishing points.”
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