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artist Xurris & Co

MAR PORGIMONAfter completing her Fine Arts degree and unsure of her future as an artist (not least due to the fact that she is terrible at oil painting) she tried her luck on TV as a mixer technician, wasn’t enough, she mixed it up with jobs retouching photos of naked women, á la soft porn. After somewhat surreal years and a bit fed up with her computer, she felt she needed to go back to her Fine Arts roots and create things with her hands.

So, she and Carla set up Xurris & CO, a blog where they can speak their minds and make handcrafted pieces. And so ‘Xurris & CO Creative Studio’ was born in 2015, amidst lots of excitement and hopes for the future, including getting their own interns.

CARLA ARIZAAfter studying Fine Arts together, Carla where she experimented with aromas and food in her sculptures (mud vade retro) and pissed off hardcore animal activists at university by using colourful fish in her installations, Busquets Gruart signed her as a graphic designer.

She also decides to enroll in a failed Masters in “Arts and Cuisine”, another one of her passions, where she ended up forming part of the Bulli foundation, so amidst gastronomic liturgies, trade shows and wooden pieces, she re-evaluated her future and decided to founded ‘Xurris & CO Creative Studio’ in 2015 where she hopes to continue creating and exploring the limits of art and design (assuming there are any).

“hopes to continue creating and exploring the limits of art and design (assuming there are any).”
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