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artist Ricardo

Born in Salamanca, Spain, in 1982, Cavolo is equal parts artist and storyteller, weaving intricate narratives with detailed brush strokes and vibrant colors attracting emotions from curious glances. Each of Cavolo’s portraits are smeared with personality, emphasizing not only his keen storytelling but the astuteness and depth with which he creates personas.

His portfolio speaks volumes of his abilities with a brush, ranging from paper to murals to the sides of swift moving trains. Cavolo-touched facades attract thousands of eyes in cities worldwide—you can find his large-scale work all over Europe, North America and the United Kingdom.

Much more than esoteric, his work engages the masses, as most well-told stories do. With an inherent Spanish influence and particular attention to colors and moods, Cavolo’s portraits and murals tell an amazing story of the artist’s character as well—the passion, the bravery and the driving imagination.

“You close your eyes and you let yourself flow with the energy. You let yourself go a little crazy, you peek into the flip side of life and you drive yourself to unexpected areas while you float on optimism. You are one-of a-kind and so should be your board.”
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