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artist Quyen

Quyen Dinh is an artist born in Vietnam but now based in California. She always showed her creative side but it was not until she painted a picture for a gift that she realized her talent. Her paintings have an own identity with characters related to old school tattoo and popular culture.

People always ask if tattoos were addicting. Her answer was always “no,” since the decision of becoming heavily tattooed was decided at a young age. She guess that was natural for a kid who loved art and had a talent for fine art; it just seemed right to want to cover her body with the very thing she loved. She wasted no time and got her 1st tattoo as a birthday present at 16. She hasn’t slowed down since. She enjoys creating everything from sculptures to hyper-realistic drawings; however, She has made the decision to pursue tattoo art exclusively at this time. And She is glad she did. That’s her story and she is sticking to it!

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