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artist Amaia

Amaia Arrazola Otaduy was born on a sunny day, on the 18th of April in 1984. She works in the world of creativity and drawing, on both small and large-scale projects.

After studying advertising and public relations in Madrid, she began her career in the advertising field. After that she did a Master in Design and Communications at the Elisava School in Barcelona. Once finished, she started to build a portfolio of clients and small projects. She began working as an illustrator, first via the contacts she had from her advertising days, then by getting into the editorial scene, and finally moving on to large-scale projects, murals, and street art.

Nowadays, she divides her time between editorial projects and murals. She feels much more fulfilled now but she is always open to try new forms of interesting collaborations.

She loves art, drawing, typography, screen printing, pottery, sewing and embroidery, story-telling, old things, unusual things, UFOs, unicorns, yetis, the Loch Ness monster, pink, blue, violet, constellations, the right side of the bed, pizza, burgers, milkshakes, and koalas. She has an imaginary dog.

“Life is how you take it. So stop making a fuss and start enjoying the buzz. Yes, the one inside you that tells you it’s time to stop whatever you’re doing and take a dip in the fun side of life.”
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